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Prioritize review collection and boost your business

Learn the value of collecting reviews regularly to gain helpful insights from your software users and enhance your online reputation.

Why reviews matter

  • Can hurt your reputation and credibility
  • Limits insight into product function for users and lowers product ranking
  • Provides a poor software buyer experience

  • Getting your first review can increase your Gartner Digital Markets product profile pageviews by more than 80%
  • PPC clients with at least 1 review boost click through rate by an average of 50%
  • Establishes trust through compelling social proof
  • Provides constructive feedback from your users to improve your product and features
  • Qualifies you for a User Reviews badge to display on your website


All of the benefits above, plus:

  • On average, doubles PPC click through rates and increases product profile pageviews by 3x compared to products with 0 reviews
  • Boosts ranking on Gartner Digital Markets and search engines
  • Establishes a solid foundation for your online brand reputation
  • Unlocks shareable Review Quotes to show off the reputation you’ve curated and increase consideration in the market
  • Gain robust intelligence from your reviews, including Competitive Comparisons


All of the benefits above, plus:

  • Qualifies you to be featured in our Research Reports, which help active buyers find your product and boosts your brand

Recent reviews keep you relevant

Fresh, up-to-date user reviews help software buyers navigate through the latest technology solutions and often serve as buyers’ primary source of information to determine how relevant and useful your product will be to their business. The more recent your reviews, the greater your product’s relevancy.

Review Collection Service

Easily build a trusted online reputation by collecting verified user reviews at no cost to you.

Build an ongoing strategy for global review recruitment so you can stay competitive in the marketplace with incentivized review forms, customized by software product and preferred language. Use our toolkit to drive your review collection efforts from campaign set-up to driving sales engagement — then, easily track your impact within your Review Tracker.

Don’t have the bandwidth to run a reviews campaign?

Sign up for us to execute a reviews email campaign on your behalf for an effective review boost. We’ve mastered the email cadence and copy to help you get the most reviews out of your campaign and will cover incentives to encourage review submission.

Gartner Digital Markets has made it effortless to collect amazing reviews from our top users. I highly recommend this program for any SaaS business looking to engage users and solicit authentic feedback.
— Robbie Jack
Co-Founder and CMO, Fitbot

Transform Reviews into Insights

Twice a year Gartner Digital Markets transforms your reviews into product comparisons that showcases how your software is leading the pack. Unlock Competitive Comparisons and other peer-driven insights by collecting at least 10 reviews this year, and:

  • Discover how you're exceeding buyers' expectation
  • Personalize comparisons to speak to specific geos and industries
  • Support sales growth by validating your value propositions with third-party research.

Get featured in research reports

When you collect at least 20 reviews, you become eligible for inclusion in our research reports. Each report highlights top-performing software and helps active buyers find the right solutions while boosting your brand. Explore the reports below to learn more about eligibility requirements, including regular reviews collection.

top 20 badge

Shortlist Report

Shortlist reports highlight popular products based on relevant audience review ratings and search volume impact.

Category Leaders

Category Leaders reports highlight top-performing products based on user reviews, integrations, mobile performance, functionality and security.

FrontRunners Report

FrontRunners explores highly-rated software products based on capabilities and customer satisfaction, as determined by user review ratings.

Help your business scale by recruiting more user reviews.