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Build credibility with reviews

Why collect verified reviews with Gartner Digital Markets? Profiles with more reviews get more traffic and convert more buyers. But that’s not all. Learn how every review helps you build credibility and unlock growth at scale.

More reviews, more proof buyers should choose you

  • Get star rating badges to display on your website.
  • These embeddable badges link to your profile and update your rating automatically as you gather reviews.

  • Qualify for embeddable “Best of” badges which help buyers identify the highest-rated products
  • Unlock embeddable Review Quotes to share your favorite customer testimonials across marketing channels
  • Become eligible for Competitive Comparisons with side-by-side rating reports* to highlight your product’s strengths against competitors
    *Available for licensing with an additional fee

  • Qualify for consideration in our research reports
  • Get embeddable badges to showcase your product’s category leadership

Reviews positively impact our reputation and increase our chances to be on buyers’ shortlists.
— Aleksandr Bobrov
Performance Marketing Manager at Smoobu

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