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Competitive Comparisons

Promote how your product stacks up against the competition.

Transform reviews into insights that buyers trust

Competitive Comparisons lets you filter and compare your ratings against competitors to create a content package of compelling visualizations backed by your user reviews.

Leverage this customized content in your marketing and sales efforts to highlight your favorable ratings and illustrate how reviewers use your software to solve their business challenges.


  • Identify positive product data points and trends
  • Compare your product to the top three competitors in a selected category
  • Sort based on company size, geographic location and industry
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Leverage your product’s user reviews to personalize marketing efforts and fuel sales conversions.

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Use content to position your product against your main competitors while highlighting your product’s key strengths.

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Provide potential buyers with content to educate and ease purchasing decisions mid-to-late in the sales funnel.

Competitive Comparisons has been an incredible supplement to both inbound and outbound sales and marketing initiatives. It’s amazingly helpful to be able to share third party data that show exactly how Trainual stacks up against and beats out the competition in our categories.
— Jonathon Ronzio
    CMO, Trainual

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Competitive Comparisons

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