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Reviewers will receive an email about 2 to 7 business days after their review is published and will be prompted to click the "Claim My Reward" link.

Claim My Reward Step 1

Reviewers will then be directed to a landing page to claim their eligible incentives. They will click the "Claim Reward" button to trigger a reward redemption email, which is typically delivered within 24 hours.

*Note: This email may go to spam, so please have reviewers check their spam folders if they have not gotten the link. The sender is

Claim My Reward Step 2

Reviewers will click the "Redeem Gift Card" link in the email. They will then be directed to our third-party provider, Tango Card, to select their card.

*Note: The balance will reflect the eligible amount that they can redeem. They will see the amount that they have earned.


Reviewers will choose which type of gift card they would like to redeem.

*Note: International users must select Amazon or Reward Link, as these are the only options that can be redeemed outside of the U.S. Capterra cannot help a reviewer who chooses and redeems a different option. Once a reward has been redeemed, only Tango Card will be able to provide assistance.

Claim My Reward Step 4

Reviewers will enter the dollar amount they wish to redeem.

*Note: Reviewers may redeem all of their balance, or select a partial redemption. The remaining amount will stay within their Tango Card account.


Lastly, once reviewers have added the amount that they wish to redeem, they will click “Add to Cart”. Once they checkout, an email will be sent within 24 hours that contains their claim code.

*Note: This email may go to their spam folder. Please have reviewers check in their spam folder if they did not receive this email. The sender is

Claim My Reward Step 6